Lunchbox Filling Ideas

Tis the season for PACKING LUNCHES.... or at least its fast approaching. sandwiches are the most common, but with microwaves, cooling packs and modern techniques, there are so many other options.

I am going to put together a list to pick and choose from:

soups and stews
rice paper or leafy green roll ups - I used collards in place of tortillas on burritos recently- lightly steamed, and I have seen steamed cabbage leaves make a great wrap for a piece of fish. The idea here is to keep the hands clean and the mess inside contained. Even raw lettuce works on cold fillings.
rice dishes- pallea, arroz con pollo, curries, spanish rice and beans, rice cooked with chinese sauce, veggies and a bit of protein. Rice reheats better if its in a mixed/casserole type dish than plain, so cook it all in one pot if its for lunches.
hard boiled eggs
cheese sticks/slices
veggie sticks
cut up fruit
hummus with veggies and pita
pizza dough pockets filled with all kinds of things (I posted recipes awhile ago, will continue to move some to the main page and add more to the main page and blog)

Just keep in mind the level of reheating available, and that food safety is a concern. Use thermos' to keep things warm if they can't be heated on site and pack separately from cold packs and cold foods.